Refund and Cancellation Policy


Prior to purchasing services on, a buyer should be aware that as soon as a job order is issued, the Freelancer (Seller) usually starts working on a project. 


Cancellation of an order may directly effects on Freelancer’s (Seller’s) exertion or hard work therefore it has to be compensated by paying 10% of the order value to the Freelancer (Seller) along with 10% commission and transaction charges shall be applied and the remaining from order value shall be refunded within 3 working days to the debit/credit card through which the purchase has made. Buyers are hereby advised not to rush for order placement.


FORUMZIEZ will always be there to help you.


In case if you have received a poor quality of product or service, please follow the instructions below:


Contact the Freelancer

That is the first step – getting in touch with the Freelancer requesting the necessary corrections or improvements.



If there is no reply/no reasonable reply from the Freelancer within 3 business days, the customer shall contact FORUMZIEZ Pte. Ltd. with a request for refund via Please kindly be prepared to provide all related  information about the service and the claim.


Wait for our response

We will get back to you within 3 business days. After that we’ll review your case and contact the freelancer for clarifications.


If the Freelancer does not respond the claim to FORUMZIEZ  within 5 business days or if after the Product review FORUMZIEZ comes to conclusion that the customer’s claim is legitimate – FORUMZIEZ Pte. Ltd. shall return the funds to the customer within 60 business days from the date, when the claim of the customer was received by FORUMZIEZ Pte. Ltd.