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Freelancer FAQ’s


How do I apply for jobs?

You can create your freelancer profile as soon as you sign up. After that, our team will review your profile, and once your profile is approved, you’ll be able to search and apply for jobs within the platform.



How exactly do I need to fill the profile?

Make sure you’ve added a sufficient profile description and indicated the skills you have, your resume, and your work samples. This way, you’ll enhance your chances of getting hired. 


Will the employers get notified of my application?

Yes, the employers will be notified about your application.


Customer FAQ’s


How do I search for freelancers?

You will have to choose the best expert from all applications you receive. But in case you want to accelerate the process – you can search for experts and find the best fit.

How do I post a job?

After creating your FORUMZIEZ account, you can immediately start posting jobs by clicking the “post a job” button.

Does FORUMZIEZ take commissions?

Forumziez offers a generous promo during 2021. Starting from 2022 we'll have a fixed commission - 5 % of each deal.




Can I directly message Freelancers / Customers?

Once you start the task, you’ll get access to a private chat for communication and sharing files. You can keep notifications within the conversation or turn them off in settings.




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