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Turkish into Arabic Status: open
Translation: Translate the 100 strings into the target languages. We have received a request for translation from Turkish into Arabic.
There are 2426 source…
Yesterday at 14:01 in Translations / Writing
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Brand Message Expert Status: open
We are looking for a brand messaging expert. 
I'm also open to collaborating with a small brand agency.

The final deliverable will be a Brand guideline for a simple…
13 june 2024, 17:48 in Translations / Writing
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We are looking for an experienced German — Malay/ Malay-German remote interpreter with a track record of success on Upwork to assist us with an upcoming assignment. Native German OR…
Yesterday at 05:48 in Translations / Writing
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Translator Status: open
A marriage certificate requires a one-page French-to-English translation. The document will be provided upon hire, and you will be required to sign a translation certification…
Yesterday at 01:46 in Translations / Writing
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Proofreader job Status: open
We are looking for a dedicated proofreader to work with our media team on the primary role of proofreading and editing our weekly blog post contents. NOTE: Because each piece…
14 june 2024, 04:11 in Translations / Writing
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I'm looking for someone to manage my blog and assist with my monthly newsletters on my behalf. My blog is dedicated to teaching aspiring writers and authors how to put together a fictional…
Yesterday at 01:58 in Translations / Writing
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