QA & Testing

We are looking for a Lead QA person to test our web-based application, manage a small QA team, and implement QA automation.
Requirements include:
Yesterday at 03:39 in QA & Testing
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As a member of the Testing team, you'll be a part of the Class Test Automation Guild and the Test Continuous Improvement process, where you'll learn and share knowledge about cutting-edge…
14 june 2024, 08:39 in QA & Testing
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QA Software Tester Status: open
This short-term software testing position will serve as an on-the-job interview for a longer-term QA position.
We are looking for…
14 june 2024, 12:15 in QA & Testing
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Roles and Responsibilities:
• Develop, document and maintain functional test cases and other test artifacts such as test data, data validation, and scripts.
• Execute the…
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QA Software Testing Status: open
We are looking to meet the following needs:
Some areas of the software may have some bugs. We want to uncover and fix those. Users navigate in different…
13 june 2024, 15:15 in QA & Testing
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My team is working towards a Beta release of our product. From initial alpha users we received about 13 feedback comments that we want to use now to make our platform better.
14 june 2024, 11:00 in QA & Testing
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