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The app has already been released (App Store )
All features must be implemented within one month.
Current Characteristics:
Features of the Auth Basic Quiz (At…
13 june 2024, 18:12 in Mobile Apps
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We are looking for a talented flutter mobile developer who can overhaul the mobile applications designs and user experience while evaluating and working through APIs. Must have experience…
Yesterday at 05:24 in Mobile Apps
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I'm looking for a Swift 5 Developer to help me out over the next month. We are a startup that aims to give ordinary people control over their data. We use a gamified model to make it…
Yesterday at 15:23 in Mobile Apps
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We have a ready-made application that includes all of the necessary files. I'd like to have someone upload my iOS app to your account.
We'll update and transfer the app to our…
14 june 2024, 09:11 in Mobile Apps
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Need Expert Status: open
Hello experts,
I'm having a problem with the app. We have a ride mobile application. Google Maps displays nothing when the driver accepts the ride offer.…
14 june 2024, 19:50 in Mobile Apps
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Apps Developer needed Status: open
Hi, I'd like to create a mobile app for my restaurant to allow customers to register on the waitlist and be notified when their turn comes.
We are currently…
13 june 2024, 16:05 in Mobile Apps
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Mobile App Status: open
I have three apps to submit to the Google Play store, and I'd like to do so through your console account.
Please send…
14 june 2024, 14:22 in Mobile Apps
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iOS Dev experienced in Vision Library and image differentiation

We're looking for someone to use the vision library to track a ball and a stick using image differentiation…
14 june 2024, 10:29 in Mobile Apps
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We need to develop an app(ios/android), a meeting scheduling app with eight screens, a kind of todo/scheduling style app.

— Authentication
— Masters…
Yesterday at 17:32 in Mobile Apps
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