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Illustrator needed Status: open
I'm looking for several illustrators with whom I can collaborate on a long-term basis (Yes, I will be hiring more than one). Essentially, I will provide you with a topic to create coloring…
10 october 2022, 02:28 in Digital Art
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Hi there!
I'd like to commission a cartoon portrait/digital portrait illustration of myself. I'd like to use it at the end of my videos, but it must be…
08 october 2022, 10:17 in Digital Art
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We are looking for a Pixel Artist to assist us in the creation of Fantasy Creatures and Monsters for our Mobile Roleplaying Game.
07 october 2022, 23:26 in Digital Art
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We're looking for a graphic artist to assist with the creation of advertisements, graphics, and overlays for video game development studios. Our company provides marketing and design…
09 october 2022, 07:55 in Digital Art
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Looking for an experienced artist/designer who can do the following:
— Digital Art
— 2D art
 - Think outside the box. We need creativity
10 october 2022, 03:37 in Digital Art
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Hi everyone,
We are looking for a comic artist to create a comic postcard with 5-6 panels and a superhero symbol based on our superhero novel.
09 october 2022, 12:18 in Digital Art
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We are looking for a Storyboard/Concept/2D artist to work with on 2 projects on a cost-per-hour basis.
Project 1: Create a storyboard for an interactive/storytelling…
09 october 2022, 03:48 in Digital Art
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Looking to create several steampunk characters for a game
08 october 2022, 21:36 in Digital Art
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