Desktop Applications

Game developer (3D applications)
Looking for someone with experience in developing responsive 3D applications for PC or mobile utilizing game engines.
14 june 2024, 13:04 in Desktop Applications
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Software Engineer Status: open
We are looking for someone to automate systems for our company.
Skills: C++, JavaScript, Python, API, Java, Artificial Intelligence
$ 400
13 june 2024, 19:59 in Desktop Applications
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JS Dev Needed Status: open
JS Dev Needed to bring an existing TypeScript / Electron App back to life!

We used to have a desktop app that we could run that would show us a chat interface app…
13 june 2024, 18:03 in Desktop Applications
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I have an invoice generator app idea, where I would like to set up AWS Amplify as backend. Your job will be to set up AWS cognito for auth, data modeling for database, and proper setup…
Today at 02:08 in Desktop Applications
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We are a young StartUp in the Seed phase. At the moment looking for a Full Stack Developer to join our team ASAP for a global B2B eCommerce Platform ecosystem in Laravel.

14 june 2024, 17:21 in Desktop Applications
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Software that will detect when any other software is making screenshot/screen capture

Looking for a dev that would be able to create a simple app that will notify…
Today at 00:08 in Desktop Applications
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We need a technical manager for our project for about 2-3 month.

o Understand infra sizing for different capacity, Network and inter-component connectivity,…
13 june 2024, 22:09 in Desktop Applications
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