I want to make a cover for my book, with a Christmas image.
Everything can still be the same, but please change the background colors, add some snow, maybe…
14 june 2024, 13:48 in Design
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We sell merchandise with images printed on the products, such as t-shirts, mugs, masks, wall art, posters, pants, phone cases, flags and more. 
We are looking…
14 june 2024, 22:01 in Design
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We are looking for a professional graphic designer to represent our upcoming brand by designing weekly social media posts for IG, FB, Twitter with banners + short videos, etc. We are…
14 june 2024, 20:34 in Design
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We currently have a rough concept in mind; all we need now is to work on our level and bring this bad boy to life. We are a sassy skincare brand with a lot of attitudes looking for…
Yesterday at 03:37 in Design
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Web designer Status: open
I am looking for a web designer with an artistic soul to design a beautiful website to sell one time products (sessions held by zoom) that would be a personal page, and also, to connect…
14 june 2024, 15:09 in Design
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